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Gender: female.

Birth date: 24.04.2015 year.

Color: black with silver brindle (black silver tiger (23 NA)).

Father: Vitamin MarbleSun-Taurus SIB NS 24

Mother: Infanta Insinia Onyx Gloria SIB n 09 24

Sex: cat / female.

Date of birth: 26.01.2016.

Color: black striped brindle (black mockerel Toby).

Father: Adagio Isyum, SIB n 23

Mother: Eurydice Adagio, SIB n 24

Litter cat 4 n 23


Sex: cat / female.

Birth date: 15.02.2016 year.

Color: black marble (black blotchet tabby) SIB N22.

Father: Olkhon Onyx Gloria SIB NY 22

Mother: Infanta Insinia Glorya, SIB n 09 22

Sex: cat / female.

Birth date: 10.04.2015.

Color: black spotted (brown spotted) SIB 24.

Father: Vaygach for Slavicat, SIB NY 24

Mother: Camilla Slavicat, SIB NY 24

LENABEAR - Cattery Siberian breed

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  •  Russia, Penza region, Bessonovsky District, Chemodanovka village
  • +7 8412 200 898
  • +7 963 109 0898
  • info@lenabear.ru


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The existence of our kennel is not possible without the support of partners & ndash; other breeders kennels, club cats "Beads" feed distributor for animals Company "Valta Pet Products" (Valta). Common interests and a love of animals brings us together. Thank you for your co-operation, support and understanding!

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