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About the Siberian breed of cats is legendary

They say Siberians have appeared wild forest cats who lived from time immemorial in the Russian forests. The first mention of Siberian cats sounded quite late. In Russian folklore cats Siberian flashed here and there.

It is about them in the old saying "the cat is the Siberian – giant growth!".

Siberian cat, as a breed, she appeared only in the late 20th century. Then clubs began to come people, who have ordinary Pets. These animals lived with them for many years and it seemed they, like everyone, very attractive, sweet, affectionate. And people wanted to show them at the exhibition.

The care and feeding of Siberian cats

The grooming of the Siberian cat is primarily regular brushing, compulsory purchase pets in the pet shop and water treatment at least every six months.

The wool protects the animal from small wounds, water and cold. For a complete treatment you will need a set of hairbrushes and combs for long hair that can be purchased at any good pet store. Comb the kittens need every day so baby is used to this procedure. Adult cats quite a few times a week.

Training Siberian cat

Siberian cats are by nature very well developed physically, and endowed with great vitality. They love to be in motion, and literally to conquer new heights. These nimble giants will make jumping long distances in an attempt to catch a feather and can easily be on your chandelier, if necessary. But their games rarely end in serious damage to the apartment, Siberians are very clever maneuvering and tend not to break fragile items.

Intelligence, character and socialization of Siberian cats

Siberian cats are naturally curious, intelligent and easily trained. Keep them lively mind and from time to time set them new intellectual challenges. Invite your favorite to perform an acrobatic trick, to solve a puzzle or to get out of the maze. And don't forget the tasty treat as a reward for successful performance.

History of the Siberian breed of cats

History the Siberian cat is full of myths and legends and has at least a thousand years.

The place of origin of the breed is Siberian taiga, which served as the ancestors of the modern Siberian cat natural habitat. Together with the Norwegian forest cat and the Maine Coon breed belongs to the group of forest cats.

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