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The care and feeding of Siberian cats

The grooming of the Siberian cat is primarily regular brushing, compulsory purchase pets in the pet shop and water treatment at least every six months.

The wool protects the animal from small wounds, water and cold. For a complete treatment you will need a set of hairbrushes and combs for long hair that can be purchased at any good pet store. Comb the kittens need every day so baby is used to this procedure. Adult cats quite a few times a week.

Siberian cats love to bask in the sun. You can't let them lie under the scorching rays too long. Wool can fade unevenly and thin.

Ears should be checked regularly inside and out. Within a healthy ear should be pink and clean. When the concentration of sulfur and dirt in the ear need to be cleaned with a cotton swab, moisten it with vaseline oil. Water and other liquids to wash your ears you should not. Sometimes the ears is sprinkled with an antiseptic powder.

Despite the very long hair, Siberian cats can't boast excessive whimsical. Their claws do not need to cut with their length, they understand themselves with the help of trees or kogtetochek. Many believe that Siberians do not need to wash. It's not true. Their special hair needs a regular large-scale water treatments. Take bathrooms they have at least once in six months. Wash cats need warm water flowing movements with a cotton swab in the direction of hair growth.

Siberian cat and your apartment

Cat owners should realize the need of the animal in a regular motion. Ideally, classes should be daily. As a result, the cat will always be happy and healthy. First of all, you need to provide pet toys and gymnastic equipment. Usually any pet shop can provide a large range of devices for climbing and jumping, and various toys. Some of them are necessary for the development of the animal, others will help the cat to have fun. From empty boxes you can make the simplest exercise equipment for cats. Cats love to hide in boxes, so we can put some boxes of different sizes to each other.

You can also put a box with a small hole in the wall, putting it in a toy or treat. The cat will need skill and patience to overcome this obstacle and get rewarded.

For activity in the Siberian cat is desirable to construct a structure made of wooden planks, fastened together. For a long time the cat will lose interest in this device. It can be sometimes to alter, changing shape and height of the straps.

To feed the pet should be in strictly designated place. For example, in the kitchen.

What to feed a Siberian cat

Veterinarians recommend giving the "Siberians" of up to three years food, on 70% consisting of meat products. Perfect chopped beef veined (norm – 80 – 100 g). Allowed a young lamb, cooked rabbit, chicken (including chicken necks). The Turkey can be fed raw.

Representatives of the Siberian breed cats beef offal: boiled heart, kidneys, lungs, liver. It is recommended to add to the diet once a week. Raw fish often causes an upset stomach, it spoils the hair. As a Supplement to the diet will suit boiled marine fish low-fat varieties.

In the elderly (over 6 years) cats do not give the cream, milk and other fatty foods.

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