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Training Siberian cat

Siberian cats are by nature very well developed physically, and endowed with great vitality. They love to be in motion, and literally to conquer new heights. These nimble giants will make jumping long distances in an attempt to catch a feather and can easily be on your chandelier, if necessary. But their games rarely end in serious damage to the apartment, Siberians are very clever maneuvering and tend not to break fragile items.

These cats are mesmerizing everything connected with water. They are ready for a long time to observe the water dripping from the tap, or just play in the sink.

Walking and physical activity

To the representative of the Siberian breed of cats was in excellent physical shape, he needs physical exercise. Unfortunately, many owners released them into the street and almost animals spend their entire lives in urban apartments. As a result, they are bored and begin to destroy everything around him – bite, scratch and tear at everything. This problem is easily solved by walking – once a week is enough.

The ancestors of the Siberians was a wild forest and steppe cats are ruthless predators and excellent hunters.

LENABEAR - Cattery Siberian breed

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