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Intelligence, character and socialization of Siberian cats

Siberian cats are naturally curious, intelligent and easily trained. Keep them lively mind and from time to time set them new intellectual challenges. Invite your favorite to perform an acrobatic trick, to solve a puzzle or to get out of the maze. And don't forget the tasty treat as a reward for successful performance.


Siberians are excellent hunters, so if you live in a private house, you can be sure that the rodents won't bother you anymore. The character and habits of true Siberians are perfect for those who above all appreciates a sense of dignity. Soft and attentive, they feel every change in your mood. Innate tact never let your pet annoyingly demand attention. But if you are a good spirit, a Siberian cat may require communication. These creatures have proven themselves as therapists and psychologists who are able to support the owner in a difficult moment.


Siberian cat breed different dog temperament. It is a dedicated and loyal friend who is often tied to a single host. She would wait and meet him at the door, follow him through the apartment.

However, Siberians with love and attention to all family members, love to play with children and do not tend to be aggressive. It is very important to the company and difficult for a long loneliness. These cats will take pleasure in spending time with other Pets, can be with dogs, however, it is possible confrontation. Known attacks Siberian cats to German shepherds.

Siberian cats are often called "watchdog", they guard their territory and wary of strangers, crossing the threshold. At the unexpected loud noise in the apartment they will react by hissing.

Despite his sociability, this breed Siberian cats are very independent and do not appreciate excessive affection on your part. This animal with character and dignity, therefore, requires to be treated "equal". Respect her as a friend, not a toy, and she'll tell you the same, becoming your loyal companion in any home adventures.

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