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About the Siberian breed of cats is legendary

They say Siberians have appeared wild forest cats who lived from time immemorial in the Russian forests. The first mention of Siberian cats sounded quite late. In Russian folklore cats Siberian flashed here and there.

It is about them in the old saying "the cat is the Siberian – giant growth!".

Siberian cat, as a breed, she appeared only in the late 20th century. Then clubs began to come people, who have ordinary Pets. These animals lived with them for many years and it seemed they, like everyone, very attractive, sweet, affectionate. And people wanted to show them at the exhibition.

Most of these animals and are unable to leave the "newcomers" and were household cats. But there were those, in which experts were transferred to the Siberian. First, the breed of these cats wanted to call Moscow. But then I remembered what a performance in Russia has developed on cats. And the name came by itself – the Siberian cat.

Siberian cats are known for their impressive size. Their body is muscular and strong, these cats can not be called a miniature. The neck of these cats a powerful. Paws are large, rounded. The tail is long and broad, with a rounded end. Fine pubescent. Head slightly extended. The forehead is broad, the ears are medium in size, open at base and slightly tilted forward, bushy, the tips of the tassels. Eyes Siberian cats are large, oval and have different colors.

Is famous for the Siberian cat and its colour. These animals motley and striped. But exotic colors they have.

The hairy coat is the pride of any Siberian cat! Its uniqueness lies in the structure and density of wool. Siberians belong to the group of long-haired purring. Have a thick and dense undercoat, the body he is not adjacent. And thereby creates volume. The structure of the hair harsh and has a water-repellent function. In summer the coat of the Siberian cats gets a little shorter. In winter, on the contrary, appear the collar and pants.

Siberian is formed and grows after three years of the cat's life. Adult males weigh 6 – 7 kg, and cats for about 4 – 6. Impressive size give the Siberians the Majesty, which cannot be overlooked.

The nature of these cats, is distinguished by its leadership. This dominant animals, especially males.

Behavior of the Siberian cats need to control, a bit of rigor in education does not hurt. But in General, they have quite a balanced character. In temperament they can be called sanguine. They will not be running around the house all day, but will not lie without movement. All of them in harmony. To the extent level-headed, playful, curious.

Differ Siberian cats, Siberian its characteristic look. Such arrogant, a bit harsh, stern look. That is why they give people some fear. But do not be afraid, because any, even the most terrible beast can be tamed! Well, especially such cuties as Siberians.

The Siberian cat is generally impossible to ruffle too level-headed nature prevents it.

Eat dry food. But don't forget about natural food: meat, milk, dairy products.

So, after reading this article, you realize that the Siberian is an animal with character. So respect him and he will respect you. Give him love and affection, and then he will give it to you.

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